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"I think these days we talk a lot about physician burnout, I would posit that maybe some of those feelings of burnout come from a feeling of problems being larger than yourself, feeling larger than one person can handle and feeling helpless in light of that.  What Health Equity Circle helped me to see was that you don't do a campaign with just one person, its about building collective power, and learning how to do that."

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The Health Equity Circle is a student led organization that brings students together across programs and universities

We learn about health equity issues on campus and in the community and how to act through community organizing.

By partnering with community and campus groups we build or collective power to make the positive changes they want to see in our community and advance health equity.

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We don’t organize for health equity FOR people. We organize for health equity WITH people.

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HEC Summit: Portland

The 5th annual HEC Summit will take place in Portland on April 7th.

The HEC Summit brings together student leaders from HEC chapters to develop relationships, share knowledge and develop best practices for the HEC.

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We Support Prop 1

Why we Support Prop 1

In February, Spokane city voters will be asked to vote on Prop 1, a measure that will raise money for public safety through funding firefighters and police officers.

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Action Team Quarterly Update

Jobs Team

Sheila Collins:

The Spokane Alliance Jobs Team is 10 years old. It is a collaboration of Alliance members and allies in the community who represent public and private unions and members of the faith and education communities.

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Spokane Responds to Immigration Raids

Spokane Alliance joined the community in rejecting federal immigration agents' practice of searches and seizures on Greyhound buses. The City Council passed an emergency ordinance to outlaw the practice, but it has yet to be enforced by the Mayor.

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