Spokane (EWU/WSU/UW/Gonzaga)

The Spokane chapter of the HEC brings together students from EWU, WSU, UW and Gonzaga.  We are a member of the Spokane Alliance and have teams working on the following issues


Lead Organizers




Maggie Debell, Phuong Van

Lead organizers seek to build relations within the team, recruit new members, plan HEC events, and train new leaders. We also work with action teams to help promote their actions, and make connections to the larger Spokane community. For any questions, contact Maggie Debell ([email protected]) or Phuong Van ([email protected])

UW School of Medicine Representative

Hi, I’m Ana Isabel (she/hers). I am the student representative for the UWSOM. My goal is to recruit more UW med students incoming and current into HEC. I look forward to being a bridge between other institutions in Spokane, broadening connections, and uniting all those interested in the mission of HEC. Have questions for me? You can reach me at [email protected].                       

Child Health


Leads: Sarah Peterson, Veda Gadiraju


The Child Health Team hopes to better understand factors that can contribute to a child’s overall wellness. Currently we know that education plays a big role in the health of a child and we are looking to get involved with childcare centers.  We are also looking forward to learning more about child health and hope to put on events educating ourselves and our peers about this very important topic! Please contact Sarah ([email protected]) or Veda ([email protected]) to learn more and find out how to become a part of the team.  


Language Access

  Kate Turk - English Second Language Teacher - Casa Latina | LinkedIn 

Leads: Adithya Gadiraju, Kate Turk

The Language Access Team works to decrease healthcare barriers and improve medical care for non-English-speaking patients in Spokane. We collaborate with interpretation organizations, health systems, medical school administrations, and community members to understand challenges and find solutions for these patients. Currently, we are developing required workshops for medical students to learn how to utilize interpreters and better serve non-English-speaking patients. Additionally, we are hosting listening sessions with Spokane-based organizations and medical clinics to learn about the specific barriers to care that non-English-speaking patients in Spokane face. Looking ahead, we hope to uplift these patients’ voices and create sustainable changes in local clinical processes, medical curricula, and the Washington State legislature. Please reach out to Kate Turk ([email protected]) or Adithya Vegaraju ([email protected]) if you’re interested in getting involved.


Environmental Health

Lead: Erina Horikawa

The Environmental Health Action team is focused on coupling improvements in environmental health and health equity in Spokane.  Our current efforts are focused on assisting the City of Spokane to develop a Sustainability and Climate Action Plan-- working to ensure that a racial justice/health equity framework is used throughout the development. Future actions will include informing students and the public about the importance of addressing climate change and sustainability here in Spokane, and lobbying educational and health institutions to come out and support report recommendations. Please contact Erina Horikawa, [email protected] if you'd like to join this fun & exciting team! Also, check out our Instagram page at @hechealthandclimate! 


Harm Reduction

Lead: Shelby Koch

The Harm Reduction Action Team (HRA) was established in response to a shared sense of urgency and opportunity to ensure the health equity and wellbeing of people who use drugs. We are committed to learning through research and community engagement about the best practices in substance use destigmatization, harm reduction, and treatment. We are further committed to working inclusively to achieve positive structural change in Spokane and across the region.If you would like more information about our team, please email [email protected]







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