Spokane (EWU/WSU/UW/Gonzaga)

The Spokane chapter of the HEC brings together students from EWU, WSU, UW and Gonzaga.  We are a member of the Spokane Alliance and have teams working on the following issues

Child Health



The Child Health Team hopes to better understand factors that can contribute to a child’s overall wellness. Currently we know that education plays a big role in the health of a child and we are looking to get involved with community centers and schools in the greater Spokane area. Right now we are still in the research phase but have identified some actionable projects such as working with the MLK Center in the East Central community to ensure that they have the resources they need to help the people that visit the center. We are also looking forward to learning more about child health and hope to put on events educating ourselves and our peers about this very important topic! Please contact Kavya or Alex to learn more and find out how to become a part of the team. kavya.magham@wsu.edu alexandra.dullea@wsu.edu

Correctional Medicine

Lead: Jessica Trujillo

The correctional medicine action team is focused on researching, analyzing, and drawing light to the inadequate health care system in place at the Spokane County Detention, Geiger, and Airway Heights Prison. Multiple lawsuits have been filed against the correction centers, prison and health care system in response to inadequate health care, from inmates not receiving timely medication and surgeries. Given this, the action team is researching and gleaning the issues from the legal complaints, the private health care system currently employed, and the numbers present such as inmate to nurse ratio, first responders, medical staff, etc. The action team intends to disclose these inadequacies and to locate the source. Correctional medicine, from a social justice standpoint, is imperative to ensure all individuals receive necessary health care, providing each individual (inmate or not) with dignity.  jtrujillo3@lawschool.gonzaga.edu


Environmental Health

Information Coming Soon...


Lead: Taylor Bozich

The Healthcare Research Action Team is a branch of the Spokane Alliance dedicated to supporting, planning, and conducting listening campaigns to elucidate the most salient barriers to health equity in Spokane. The work of these listening campaigns helps to inform our research and subsequent actions that broaden and support health equity in our community. Currently, the HRAT is reflecting on and researching the findings of a listening campaign completed last year that highlighted system complexity/navigability, affordability, and mental health as the three major barriers to accessing healthcare for members of our community. The work of the HRAT lies at the intersection of research and advocacy, and we strongly encourage anyone passionate about health equity and community organizing to join! tbozich@uw.edu



Lead: Whitney Wood

The Homelessness Action Team aims to address the very complex issue of homelessness in Spokane through tangible and meaningful action. While a newer team within HEC Spokane, we have many passionate members and have dived into meeting with community members to learn more about the issue, how people experience it and how they are trying to address it. We have identified a few actionable projects (focusing on sit and lie ordinances, intervening in child and family housing insecurity) and are excited to make a decision and move forward in the organizing cycle soon. We also commit to educating ourselves and others interested in the complexities of homelessness, with upcoming events on the intersection of homelessness and substance use disorder and mental health, as well as tours of shelters in town. Stay tuned and email Whitney Wood to find out more and/or join the team! whitney.wood@wsu.edu

Spokane Alliance: Community Benefit Assembly

Thursday, May 30, 2019 at 07:00 PM

Westminster UCC

Public dollars, Public investment, Public Benefit: Community Benefit Assembly

The Spokane Alliance has been working to ensure that public...