Sick, Safe, and Family Leave

Everyone gets sick. And everyone deserves time to get better, without risking their economic security or safety.

In 2014, a comprehensive survey indicated 87% of Spokane residents agreed that “working people who are sick or have sick children should be able to take paid sick days.”  According to a 2015 national survey, “88 percent of voters say they want all workers to be able to earn paid sick days” to care for themselves and their family members.

About 40,000 workers in Spokane lacked earned sick and safe leave, risking the health and safety of themselves, the public, and their families. Access to Earned Sick and Safe Pay reduces employee turnover, protects the safety of domestic violence and sexual assault survivors, increases employee morale and productivity, and ensures workers don’t spread illnesses.

The Spokane HEC chapter was part of the Spokane Alliance campaign to pass a city ordinance securing sick/safe leave for hourly wage workers in Spokane.

After working for over a year and half researching this topic, meeting with over 50 local businesses and nonprofit groups, talking with hundreds of individuals, and hosting Spokane Alliance assemblies attended by 500 people to craft and gain support for a proposed policy for the City of Spokane.

The ordinance passed and led to statewide legislation to secure sick/safe leave across the state.