Seattle Core Team 2019-2020 


Hana Lee (she/her/hers)

Public Health B.S., 2021

Campaign Involvement: Tent City 3

I'm excited for the opportunity to work with people who I share common values with, and applying those values to take the necessary steps in making an impact is what excites me about being a part of Health Equity Circle.



Kristen Trivelli (she/her/hers)

Doctorate of Nursing Practice, Family Nurse Practitioner, 2020

Campaign Involvement: LGBTQ+ and Lobby Day

I really enjoy the limitless opportunities to partner with students, faculty and staff from different disciplines, along with the community, to engage in meaningful conversations and actions to address health inequities that we are passionate about.



Cassie Pawloski (she/her/hers)

Master of Public Health, 2020

Campaign Involvement: Clinic Based Organizing

After being a clinician for 7 years, it's so obvious that there are more than just financial barriers to care. The social determinants of health are a group interrelated factors that I think we all know about but aren't quite sure how they interact and how they contribute to health. Once learning this for myself, I felt the need to share and disseminate this information and Health Equity Circle helps me do this. I'm hoping to learn more about the organizing strategies that it takes to incorporate this into not only health or clinical settings but how it's confronted in policy and other realms.


Minji Jung (she/her/hers)

School of Medicine, first year

Role: Regional Liaison

As I looked around at the many injustices and inequities in Seattle and beyond, I felt anger at the way our current systems are built to make certain people sick. I found a productive channel for this energy in Health Equity Circle. It was at HEC that I began to learn the process of listening, partnering, and organizing with people towards a shared vision and concrete change. I met people who challenged me and together we built hope. As I look forward, I am excited to continue working in HEC, across diverse disciplines and backgrounds, towards health and justice for all communities.


Joann Mun (she/her/hers)

Master of Health Administration, 2020

Role: Membership

Campaign: Mobile Health Coalition

I am absolutely humbled to work with individuals from such diverse backgrounds and experiences, especially in healthcare where we need more collaboration and activism toward a common passion. I’m continuously in awe of how powerful our collective voices are and our mutual commitment for equity and community engagement is extremely energizing to me. Next year, I am looking forward to continuing to learn from all of the amazing people who are involved in HEC and furthering work in our campaigns!

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