Burkhalter, A. (2015, October 21). A higher education. Real Change. http://realchangenews.

​          org/2015/10/21/higher-education

This article posted in Real Change, provides coverage on Tent City Collective Campaign's advocacy efforts for the University of Washington to host Tent City 3 on campus. 

Danielson, B. (2015, October 18). Op-ed: "The best start" we can provide our children. ​South

          Seattle Emerald. http://southseattleemerald.com/2015/10/18/op-ed-the-best-start-we-


This op-ed piece was written by Dr. Benjamin Danielson, a physician from the Odessa Brown Children's Clinic to help Health Equity Circle spread the word about the importance of the Best Starts for Kids levy.


Hayes, S. (2015, October 18). Action assembly rallies support for Best Starts for Kids. The

          Daily. http://dailyuw.com/news/article_f95eb098-761f-11e5-a9e7-13e1af909214.html

This article provides coverage of the Best Starts for Kids Action Assembly hosted by Sound Alliance, an organizing body that unites civic organizations, of which Health Equity Circle is a member institution.

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