"Health is More Than Healthcare"

Health Equity Circle

HEC Campaigns

Tent City Collective Campaign (TCC)Our mission is to build a mutually beneficial relationship between the UW community and those experiencing homelessness, with the ultimate aspiration of ending homelessness altogether. The campaign is currently focused on hosting Tent City 3 on campus. By hosting a tent city encampment at the UW, we will create an environment in which creative, sustainable solutions to ending the homelessness crisis can develop. Last March we successfully campaigned Seattle City Council to pass an ordinance legalizing encampments on public land within Seattle. Now, given the declared state of emergency on homelessness in Seattle and recent changes in the UW administration, our campaign is coming to a decisive moment.

Leads:  Hana Alicic and Zack Sanders tentcitycollective@gmail.com

Best Starts for Kids (BSK)
Public health funding is constantly under threat, despite the evidence that investment in preventative and early intervention approaches to health for children, youth, families, and communities are some of the best indicators of long-term health.   Help educate the broader public about social determinants of health and join this group of students as they partner with the King County Council and Sound Alliance to pass a levy that would provide a revenue stream of $65 million per year for public health initiatives. 

Leads:  Amanda Blunt amanda.teblunthuis@gmail.com

All In For Washington

A campaign advocating for socially conscious state budget reform in the wake of the McCleary decision.

Lead:  Ada Lin adalin@uw.edu

Clinic-Based Organizing Campaign
Are you interested in working with medical residents to develop campaigns that organize with Community Health Center patients to address household pressures that negatively impact health?  This is a new campaign area, which is being organized in partnership with Sound Alliance and residents from Swedish Cherry Hill Family Medicine Residency.

Leads:  Emma Robson robsone@uw.edu;  Rachel Clarke rclarke02@uw.edu

UW ACA Access, Education, and Advocacy Campaign
The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has significantly increased eligibility for health insurance programs in Washington State. However, many barriers to health insurance access and navigation still face many of King County’s most underserved communities, and policy details are often not emphasized in academic curricula. The UW ACA Access, Education, and Advocacy Campaign was founded with the belief that health professionals have a key role in helping patients understand eligibility for ACA programs, how to access ACA programs and how to navigate these programs once enrolled. Our campaign addresses these issues by hosting bi-monthly ACA workshops so that we can explore key issues surrounding the Affordable Care Act and help students learn about the ACA in an engaging and relevant way. We also partner with local organizations to provide service-learning opportunities for interested students to engage in meaningful community outreach efforts while getting exposure to the real-world challenges that patients face. Through these routes, we hope to equip students with the knowledge and passion to become effective patient and policy advocates in their current and future careers.

Leads:  Mira Hattal mira.hattal@gmail.com; Ashwin Nitin Karnik ashwink@uw.edu; Stephanie Liou sevenine@uw.edu

Lobby Day
This is an opportunity to become involved in the legislative process by advocating for health equity-focused topics at the state capital on Advocates for the Underserved Lobby Day on February 15th, 2016. 

Lead:  Ada Lin adalin@uw.edu, Betsy Strewler strewler@uw.edu

Students for an Anti-Racist UWSOM

Addressing issues surrounding racism at UWSOM and pushing for an institution that is consciously anti-racist and fully inclusive. 

Lead:  Anna Nkrumah nkrumaha@uw.edu

Health Equity Circle