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"Health is More Than Healthcare"

HEC Campaigns

Tent City Collective Campaign (TCC)There’s an economic and housing crisis in Seattle, leading to increasing numbers of people experiencing homelessness! The TCC has been working with residents of Tent City 3 to bring the community to UW’s campus. After 2 years of hard work, the administration of UW has agreed to host Tent City 3 here on campus during winter quarter 2017! Our long term goal is to join students in educational institutions across the city with people currently experiencing homelessness in order to advocate for solutions to homelessness. Our mission statement is as follows: we, the students and community members of the Tent City Collective, use experience-based education and person-centered advocacy within the context of educational institutions to transform personal prejudice into compassion; to cultivate a community ethos of inclusivity; and to dismantle interlocking systemic inequalities which perpetuate homelessness and all other forms of oppression. You can find more information at


Clinic-Based Organizing Campaign
Do you hope to work with patients to address the social factors that impact their health? Clinic-based organizing is a new campaign in partnership with Sound Alliance and family medicine residents at Swedish Cherry Hill which aims to explore ways to bring patients and providers together to organize around upstream determinants of health. We believe that the clinic should not just be a place where patients receive treatment, but also a community of patients and staff who have the power to address larger issues that affect their health.

Leads:  TBD

Huskies for Health Insurance (HHI)

UW does not offer student health insurance to all students. This disproportionately affects students of color, sexual and gender minority students, students with disabilities, and non-citizen students. Many students are left without health insurance or with insurance that does not meet there health or financial needs. Huskies for Health Insurance (HHI) is a new campaign that demands UW to not only consider how it perpetuates systemic inequities by not offering student health insurance, but to find a solution that promotes health equity on our campus. We believe that this can be achieved through collaborative efforts that involve students in the decision-making process.

Leads: Gracious Gamiao

Lobby Day
This is an opportunity to become involved in the legislative process by advocating for health equity-focused topics at the state capital on Advocates for the Underserved Lobby Day in February 2019.  

Leads:  TBD

Anti-Racism Alliance at UW

The UW has not incorporated issues of diversity, racism, and inequity into the curriculum, or community at large. Student across UW should be learning about historical trauma associated with target groups, especially people of color, and how their access to medicine has been impaired since the founding of the U.S. We are striving to build a community that educates us on how to interact with these patients in a compassionate and holistic manner in the context of historical systemic injustices.

Leads: Anna Smith, Ryan Fang, Jordan Seto

Health Equity Circle