:: Jail Diversion Program

Much of Spokane’s mental health community ends up in the Spokane County Jail, the second largest mental health institute in WA. The jail diversion program aims to provide treatment rather than criminalization for those who struggle with mental health. For more information.

:: Jail diversion leads 

Anja Tjaden atjaden@uw.edu  

Isabella Dahlgren idahlgre@uw.edu

:: All in For Washington

This project involves direct engagement with local and state legislature in an effort to adjust the WA state tax and budget to provide improved funding for education, mental and physical health, and social safety networks. For more information.

:: All in For WA leads

Matt Rockstrom rocksm@uw.edu 

Henna Ahsan ahsanh@uw.edu

:: The Zone

This project is working with community members and businesses in some of Spokane's most impoverished areas to create jobs, increase economic security, expand educational opportunities, increase access to quality, affordable housing and improve public safety. For more information.

HEC Leadership positions available.

Please email HECSpokane@gmail.com if interested.


Health Equity Circle

 IN Spokane

"Health is More Than Healthcare"

Health Equity Circle

:: Refugee Clinical Navigators Service Learning Project
This is a medical student service learning project that was developed by HEC members in 2015. In partnership with World Relief, a non-profit organization that helps local refugees settle into their new lives in Spokane, medical students are paired with refugee families to help guide them through the process of their first medical appointments in Spokane. The focus is on teaching the refugees how to get to the clinics, go 
through the appointment and make sure their health concerns are addressed, and then follow-up by scheduling future appointments and picking up medications at the pharmacy. Ideally, this shared experience will result in the refugees learning how to attend future appointments autonomously, and will also give the students insights into the challenges faced by refugees so that they can appreciate how best to help their future patients. We are hoping to eventually expand the project to incorporate students from other healthcare disciplines as well.

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