"Health is More Than Healthcare"

Health Equity Circle

Health Equity Circle educates, organizes, and mobilizes interdisciplinary groups of students, health professionals, and community members to work upstream to shift power toward health equity and address the social determinants of health.

Our focus

We envision a world free from the threats of health injustice and inequity.

Our vision

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Mission statement

about our organization

Health Equity Circle is an interdisciplinary group of Health Sciences students who are noticing issues in their patients and communities caused through social factors. In the process of trying to understand these issues and take steps on how to address them, Health Equity Circle was born.

As students, we are trained in how to fix bodies and pathology, but we do not get the opportunity to learn how to infiltrate health systems and the institutions that make health disparities prominent. It was clear that we did not want to provide answers to a community from the discussions at our founding assembly; thus, we shifted our focus to creating community partnerships and learn through them how to organize and leverage our power as students of one of the nation's top research universities.

We work within the school and the community to learn how to better work with diverse groups and provide trainings to allow our peers to learn how to effectively advocate.

As future health professionals, we see issues in our patients lives caused by structural violence. We understand the power we have and utilize it to advocate for our patients and communities.

Working with our campus and in the community, we teach the effects of the Social Determinants of health and discuss how social equity can benefit health outcomes.